This week, getting a job in Aussie fintech just got easier, SEPA threatens the existence of cards in Europe, and fintech CEOs fight the alt-right in the US.

The funemployment stops here

Australian Fintech have created a niche jobs site specifically for those who want to disrupt, create and rock the fintech industry. Down with sifting through pages of useless job ads! They say. The site aims to create a dedicated platform for those who are just as big fintech fanatics as they are. Fintechtastic! Read more

Fintech fights the alt-right

In the wake of the Neo-Nazi Charlottesville riots and Trump’s wishy-washy response towards them, Apple CEO Tim Cook has taken matters into his own hands, disabling any sites promoting alt-right nationalists from using Apple Pay. GoDaddy, PayPal and Uber have all taken similar action. Power to the pay-ple. Read more


There’s a European predator on the loose

And it’s not Russell Brand. SEPA instant payments, which will enable instant cross-border payments between European countries, are making waves, and GlobalData Financial Services says card schemes should brace themselves for the threat. The game is on. Read more

‘That’ll be two cry laugh emojis and fifty cents, please’

On the one side we’ve got Whatsapp and Facebook. On the other, PayPal and Venmo. What will happen when the two collide? Is it the dawn of the #Fintech God Particle? Read more


Time to put the nail in the coffin(tech)

Or so this guy argues. Fintech has had its day, it was useful at taking on the banks, but it just can’t scale to compete… or can it? Read more