Each Friday, the Airwallex blog will be scanning the week’s goings-on and condensing it into an easy, breezy blog post containing the world’s top five fintech scoops, so you can keep up-to-date with what’s keeping fintechers agog without compromising on your busy schedule. How nice of us.

Australian fintech gets put on the map


photo credit: Enrico Magistro

Literally. Fintech Australia have just released a new fintech ecosystem map, which demonstrates a focus on wealth and investment, consumer and business lending for Aussie fintechs. Head of Fintech Australia Danielle Szetho announced Australian fintech over the past two years as a huge success story, with the latest developments propelling it ahead of Hong Kong and on a par with Singapore. Not that it’s a competition or anything... Check out the ecosystem map

For Air Asia, size matters…


photo credit: Sean MacEntee

Say hello to “The Big”, the subtly-named new fintech program which Air Asia is looking to launch in the next three months. The service hopes to expand the airline’s services far beyond travel and into banking and finance – as well as enabling customers to make in-flight perfume purchases via their mobiles, of course. Read more

SWIFT is getting swifter


The long-established global payment network has made huge attempts over past year to break its infamous reputation as the slow old incumbent of global payments. In a bid to partner with the world’s best companies to improve their services, SWIFT are offering investment of €200,000 to the two winning companies of their ‘Industry Challenge’. It’s kind of like the cinnamon challenge – but much, much harder. Read more

People all over the world, join hands


Although Melbourne’s new Docklands fintech hub isn’t quite starting a love train, York Butter Factory co-founder Darcy Naunton announced in an interview that he was looking for international players to run the new project, hinting that Tel Aviv and London could be potential partners. Let the collaboration commence. Read more

It’s complicated


…The relationship status that Fintech and Banks would have if they were Facebook friends. The Airwallex blog have been going on about fintechs vs. banks a lot recently, so it seems fitting that this opinion piece came out in Fintech Weekly earlier in the week. Will banks, like the music industry, eventually adapt and win back the control? Read more

Photo of the week

This picture of Jack as a giant at the Shenzen TechCrunch event has received a lot of love on social media this week. There was a beanstalk, it's just out of shot...