"At least a goat with one horn is better than a unicorn."

Despicable Me 3

Welcome back to the 'week that wallexed', where we scan the news and condense it into the world’s top five fintech scoops. This week, Australian fintech sees big wins and Money 20/20 goes ape for APIs.

No time for Hong Kong and Singapore, 'cause we are the champions…

It’s been a great week for Australian fintech, which this week was announced as 5th in the world for fintech adoption by EY’s latest report – placing old 'Straya ahead of fintech powerhouses Hong Kong, Germany, Singapore and the USA. Bloody oath, mate.Read more

If ASIC was your spouse...

You’d be concerned. The regulatory commission has been adding notches to it's bedpost left, right and centre this week – first with Japan, and followed by Malaysia. The new relationships are set to bolster Australia’s growing reputation as being a "global innovator in fintech". Read more on Japan Read more on Malaysia


API’m so excited

This week saw the world’s biggest financial event, Money 20/20 take place in Copenhagen. The event covered all things (unsurprisingly) money, including two panels which illuminated the race in financial services towards advancing APIs – one cleverly titled ‘the Return of the planet of the APIs’. It was bananas.Read More

Airwallex makes headlines (again)

Airwallex has been named in CB Insights’ '250 top fintechs'. These companies are algorithmically chosen by the ‘Cruncher’, aka CB Insights’ machine learning technology which determines the companies most likely to ‘change the face of financial services around the world’. We also made it into the York Butter Factory's 'Top Fintech Five'– #winning. Read more

Blockchain looking for a good home

The World Economic Forum just published a long and detailed white paper discussing lots of stuff about Blockchain. Most importantly, they say in order for it to benefit “citizens of the world”, it needs “stewardship”, meaning various stakeholders need to take responsibility for the public ledger. Read More

If walls could talk…

This week saw two of Airwallex’s co-founders at the Money 20/20 EU conference. One was a little more 2D than usual.