This week, Japan jumps on the innovation train, WorldPay merges, Singaporean fintech moves to Australia.

Worldpay were made an offer they couldn’t refuse

A $10 billion offer, to be exact. Commentators have called the deal a ‘foreign takeover’ – the UK payments company announced on Wednesday that it would be merging with US card firm Vantiv in the hopes it could further scale the business. Read more


Viva la fintech revolution

So we’re not quite donning our berets and smoking on Cuban cigars yet, but there is a revolution in payments bubbling up – and the new fintechs on the block are the driving force. Read more

Big things come in Australian packages..

Is what Singaporean startup Fundnel will be saying to its employees. The investment platform is set to open up a new HQ in Adelaide, bringing in more global fintech talent from overseas. Read more

Will Japan be building fintech sandcastles too?

Someone get Japan a bucket and spade. In the wake of their partnership with ASIC just last week, Japan’s financial regulator (the FSA) in establishing a fintech ‘testing hub’ this summer. It’s expected to be the precursor to a regulatory sandbox, following the path of Singapore, the UK and Australia. Read more

What’s the point in fintech?

If you read this article, you might find out. Read more

Money 20/20 mania

Last week, three of the Airwallex team headed to Money 20/20 in Copenhagen. We wrote about it. Read more

How’s the weather up there?

This week saw Airwallex team members Laurence and Jasmine reach new heights. Well, different heights…